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rpkrajewski's Journal

My Love Is Encrypted All Over The World

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Daddy-O à Go-Go
29 October 1962
Just another bobo daddy[-o] in paradise.

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, 60s, absurdity, ambient, ann magnuson, argot, asian dub foundation, audio, baffler, balkans, big dig, birds, bjork, bookstores, boston bands, brothers quay, cambridge, cape cod, chicago, chickadees, chris elliott, chris ware, cinematic orchestra, cocktails, cognitive dissonance, combustible edison, common, cuisine, cul de sac, dada, david sylvian, de la soul, decaying buildings, detournement, dimitri shostakovich, dub, durutti column, eames design, eightball, electro, elvis costello, eno, environment, eric gill, europe, exotica, flan, flânerie, fnord, free association, fried plaintains, funk, germany, getting lost, goldfrapp, guy maddin, haruomi hosono, harvard square, hiphop, history, hrvatski, iceland, industrial, ineffability, iron chef, japan, jim, joe frank, king tubby, kit-kats, kraftwerk, l'esprit de l'escalier, language, latin, lee scratch perry, lego, les inrockuptibles, lisp, london, macintosh, mangos, mark leyner, mcsweeneys, meat beat manifesto, michael penn, modernism, mojitos, mst3k, museum of jurassic technology, mute records, negativland, neil finn, neu, noise, on-u sound, ornithology, orson welles, paris, paul schutze, pens, pere ubu, philippines, photography, pop, populuxe, procrastination, psychedelia, public enemy, punk, robyn hitchcock, roz chast, rushmore, salon.com, sam phillips, sampling, san francisco, schadenfreude, serge gainsbourg, singing in my car, soup, spooo, spy magazine, stephen fry, stereo total, stereolab, steve buscemi, steve fisk, subgenius, subversion, sun ra, tackhead, that certain je-ne-sais-quoi, the brattle theater, the prisoner, the roots, they might be giants, thinking fellers, tipsy, tour de france, trains, typography, unix, web design, wilco, wire, xtc, yeye, zippy, ψ,

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