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Turning the Past to Bits

Another thing I did this weeked was to digitize some old vinyl; I've got a routine for the actual recording that is pretty easy, but editing into tracks and MP3 with good tags still takes a while.
Christmas In Excelsior Dayglo (1986)
This is the band that Michael Cudahy and Liz Cox had before Combustible Edison (the bassist, Dan. Salzmann, was also a photographer and left after this album). I guess I'd descibe it as post-Mission of Burma indie pop with skewed lyrics — for example, Roger Miller plays trombone on one cut and there's a song that quotes from SubGenius Pamphlet No. 1.
Christmas “Ring My Bell” (1988)
Yeah, this is a cover, the B-side of the “Stupid Kids” when they were signed to IRS. Mike's brother Nick plays bass on this and he'd do the same in Combustible Edison. All I need to do is drag out the 7" local singles they did and I'll have the makings of a good CD.
Richard Barone and James Mastro Nuts and Bolts (1983)
Two of the Bongos did a “split duo solo album” probably just before they were signed to RCA (it's the same year as the Numbers With Wings EP). Each guy takes the lead on a side, and it's like a less frenetic version of Drums Along the Hudson. I especially like Mastro's cover of “Dizzy” (a hit for Tommy Roe [not Tommy James and the Shondells — thanks explosivo]).
E. Koestyara and Group Gapura Sangkala (1985)
I'm really at a loss as to why this record is out of print. It's a modern take on traditional Indonesian degung forms, and I love the combination of calm feeling and motion in this recording; it's utterly different-sounding from Western music and yet makes perfect sense on the first listen. Luckily my copy is in excellent shape, although it's mastered relatively softly. There are just a few dynamic peaks that justify this, and I don't want to compress it !
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