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Weekend Update

Well, it didn't start out auspiciously. Although we got a lot of rain, it wasn't really that much, and yet Reed's Brook across the street was starting to reach the top of its banks. The storm drain on the other side of the street wasn't draining, and water was coming out of a manhole cover, and this was all flowing towards the storm drain at the base of our driveway, which was kind of slow because of all the leaves that were clogging it. So I got out there and cleared it; the flow towards our driveway looked ominous, but at least everything was moving.

I got a haircut that rivals ironychef's in its shortness. There's more gray all the time but at least it's there !

In the afternoon, we went to Marty's in Newton in search of supplies for the party on this Saturday. I think six bottles of Rioja should do the trick ;-). However, O couldn't find any Spanish Paprika, so it's looks like I'll have to make a run to Formaggio in Cambridge, a very dangerous place for anybody who likes food. Still, the temptation must faced. And we all watched Spy Kids, which I found fun and utterly charming. But what really matters is that S0 loved it; it's definitely a good movie for both kids and grown-ups. I especially think it's cool how so many characters are Hispanic and it's no big deal. I can't wait for the sequel with its Harryhausen-inspired monsters to show up on DVD !

On Sunday, we did our food shopping at Roche Bros., which we like for its good service, and the fact that they've got neato shopping carts with a little cab with steering wheels attached to the front. Plus, they help you load the groceries into your car, which really helps when you have kids. O also cooked up a storm and carved a pumpkin with S0.

I also watched a DVD collection of cartoons on my computer, since for some reason all the copies of Cartoon Noir that NetFlix has sent me won't play on our DVD player. Anybody who used to watch International Animation on PBS in the 70s would be familiar with this kind of material, although it's darker in tone and had stuff that you can't show on broadcast TV. I am just a sucker for that Eastern European moody thing, especially the Czech Club of the Discarded, which was a witty piece about mannequins in an abandoned building (very Svankmajer-esque).

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