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Good Evening

Not a bad way to end the day – since K came late, O and I got to have dinner at Diva in Davis Square, and it was really excellent Indian food. For the most part the menu is nothing most Indian foodies haven't seen before, but it's very well done and there's some thought put into presentation. For something out of the ordinary, I tried the Bell Pepper Soup with duck confit – very tasty ! Also, a very spicy dosa about one cubit long. O had the vegetarian thali and said the eggplant was particularly good. By the time we were ready to leave, the place was really hopping.

And there was huge line across the street to get into the Burren. Are the "Swingin' Johnson's" really that popular ? I haven't spent much time in Davis Square lately, so I am still noticing how it's changed. And the Starbucks there is huge – there are probably people who live there, it's so big !

Anyway, the town is finally putting in the new storm drain line on our street, and so our part of the street is getting ripped up. They've got a very large excavator doing the heavy lifting, and we've got a lot of respect for the operator; basically, he can only swing the rig 180° on the right side, because if he goes any further, the arm will hit the power and telephone lines, and if the arm is lifted too high, it will start ripping down branches from the trees that line the street. Let's just hope he's just as sharp tomorrow as he was today !

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