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K00lnis !

I just picked up a few goodies from Newbury Comics and am listening to a Luaka Bop 2002 promo compilation that came free with another CD (The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need, Vol. 1) that I got. Anyway, there's a track by the Super Eagles, a Gambian group from the 60s that sounds like garage rock backed by James Brown's drummer. Cool stuff !

Also got the new Meat Beat Manifesto record R.U.O.K., but was thwarted in finding the seasonally appropriate Hallowe'en Dub (under the Tino name, a side-project of Jack Dangers of MBM and video director/DHS guy Ben Stokes). I need to get that and burn a little MP3 CD to loop for Hallowe'en night. Anybody have any other good Halloween effects/party records ?

Tags: halloween, mbm, music
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