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More on Microsoft's Getting Caught Out

Microsoft Make-Up is a good summary of the sketchy testimonial that Microsoft put up on their front page (and quickly took down) a few days ago. [via Scripting News]

Correction (11:58 AM EDT): the author was found by using an Word document file linked to on the site, not from the web page itself. And other way that the author could have found by sifting through the web page if it was authored in Word, then saved as HTML. The reason is that "Save As HTML" in Word saves all Word document properties in addition to all the content and style information needed to render the original document for the web. (They use a combination of XML islands and extensions to CSS in the <style> element.) I think MS does this so that Word users can edit those documents directly off the web server, which is fine for intranet use, but way more than is needed to publish a document on the web. And, at least in Word 2000, there is no way to ask for such information not to be saved.

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