Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
Daddy-O à Go-Go

Call of the Mild

The Sopranos was interesting for at least two reasons last night:
  • Self-consciously or not, it was very noir, visually. There's one scene where Carmela is in the dining room alone, with the lights on only there, and entrance to it makes a frame that lights up, only dimly, about a third of the screen. And there's another when Bobby Bacala is just about get out of his car to go intimidate somebody in a bar — and only part of his face is lit.
  • It was raining during the last par of the episode, and I could hear the rain outside while watching TV. It adds to the illusion that what you're watching is really happening.
So, both O and I go today off, while K watched the kids. Not that we dashed off to Aruba or fancy restaurants. Instead, we got our thrills by
  • Buying socks and a clock radio at Target.
  • Checking out the toys at the Construction SIte and Rail Yard in Waltham. Most of the stuff at the Construction Site looks either like it was made in Germany or should be made in Germany. (One US line of toys astutely used labels in French and German as well.) I was disappointed that there were no Lego trains at the stores, but O did find some of this neat toys/games in a tin from Haba. They will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.
  • Having Indian lunch at New Mother India.
  • Seeing Spirited Away at the Embassy. At first I felt just as confused as the young heroine does, as she meets a dizzyingly varied and strange set of characters, but eventually the introductions stopped and I was thoroughly enchanted. O said it would be a good movie for S0 to see, but I don't know, it's pretty gross in places ! (Although boys are supposed to like that !)
  • Finally, grocery shopping at the Belmont Star Shaw's Market, where we got the best parking space ever.
Tomorrow, back to the grind, or something else...
Tags: movies, shop, tv
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