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Peace and Quiet

So, we drove up to Orono yesterday morning, and it was a pretty nice drive. We saw the UMaine Black Bears beat the Lake Superior Lakers; well, when it was 6-1 in the third period, we could pretty much guess the outcome. S1 took all the noise and excitement pretty well. Two new things the fans came up with this year:
  • To accompany the "Sieve !" chant when the goalie for the opposing team lets one in, somebody dangles a chain of colanders from the balcony seats. Well, OK, maybe somebody should change the chant to "Colander !" but it just wouldn't flow.
  • They've also got cut-outs of the letter "D" and a fence. De-fense ! Ha ha !

On the way back, we oohed and ahhed at the foliage; instead of going back I-95 all the way, I prefer to take US-202 to Augusta, which is a nice, rolling back roads drive which takes you past farms, and the China Lake region. Then we stopped off at Kittery for lunch, and bought new shoes for the kids (for S1, her first).

Now I'm all alone in the house; my mom came over to take O and the kids to the circus. She also brought us a nice, used, Little Tykes kids kitchen set ! Working at a used kids furnishing and clothing store does have its advantages.

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