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Mr. Strangelove

Mr. Strangelove, a new biography of Peter Sellers reviewed by Michael Palin, who has this to relate:
I didn't know Peter Sellers well enough to be able to say that I never really knew him. Our paths crossed only once, in a television studio, when he emerged from a dressing room door as I was walking past. To my eternal embarrassment I went involuntarily into the voice of Eccles from ''The Goon Show'' -- not even one of his characters. Sellers smiled tolerantly, disappeared round the corner, and that was that. Much later I described our brief meeting to Spike Milligan. ''I met Sellers once. I passed him in a studio in North London.''

Spike winced. ''That must have been painful.''

This is definitely something I'll have to read, since I think Sellers was the best comic actor, ever.
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