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Busy Weekend !

O's parents arrived on Friday afternoon; they're taking a vacation around various places in New England before her father goes back to work. And then the fun began:

On Saturday, we went the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which S0 enjoyed a lot. The front part has a gift shop and more modern exhibits, but most of it consists of classic "taxidermy and taxonomy" exhibits in glass cases. There is also a unique collection of glass models of flowers which have to be seen to be believed.

Then, it was off to Arlington Center, where we had lunch at Viet's Cafe and checked out the open house at the fire station.

And that night, after we all went out for ice at Brigham's, I checked out the Bleu record release part with Chauncy and Loveless at the Paradise. I think I liked Chauncy best. There was a near brush with greatness when Mr. Bleu and I both were in the men's room (just before his set).

On Sunday, we walked on the Zakim-Bunker Hill bridge, which was organized a lot better than last time. It was pretty cool to see this marvel of engineering up close, just to look up at those towers that support the cables.

Then, while the grandparents watched S1, we attended O's friends' second annual "Pip and Pepper" BBQ. It's like the "home game" version of the Pig and Peppers that happen around the same time around Westford (and Carlisle, I think). And they do a real good job; the food is first-rate and the kids get to run around and the host even takes them for a little hay ride powered by his lawn tractor.

And if that wasn't enough, we trekked up to Woodman's for a seafood dinner. It was fryaliciously good !

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