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OK, just one link, and one observation

Charles Deemer: An Open Letter to the Peace Movement. (via Scripting News)

Anyway, I was watching the tube tonight, and on comes this ad for Wrangler Jeans. Perhaps you've seen it -- the first thing that grabs me is the music, which is taken from Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son". We are treated to a montage of all kinds of "real" people doing "real" things in Wrangler jeans while this great rock and roll plays. The American flag appears twice, but this commercial was already airing before the upsurge in patriotism. But the real irony is that "Fortunate Son" is a song protesting the Vietnam War from the point of view of the working Joe who couldn't get a college draft deferment. Of course, if you're familiar with the song, you'll notice that the chorus ("It ain't me/It ain't me/I ain't no fortunate son") is edited out, even though the commercial is long enough that the chorus would be heard if the instrumental bits and some verses were not looped to avoid the betraying lyrics.

We haven't seen the ultra-cheezey patriotic ads of the "Morning In America" era yet, but I'm bracing for it. Baseball stadiums have already started to play "Like A Rock" between innings, and it's so associated with those patriotic Chevy Truck commercials it's a wonder if anybody remembers that it was just a flaccid, late-period Bob Seger song. (Even more ironically, Mr. Seger himself had a small hit with an anti-draft song of his own, 2 + 2 = ?.)
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