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A friend hepped me to a video of Damo Suzuki (ex-Can) with Cul de Sac at a site called Punkcast. (Warning: a lot of the Real Media stuff will take over your screen in theater mode.) It's all single-camera stuff, but that's punk, right ?

They've got stuff by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hawkwind, Nikki Sudden, the Troggs, Joe Strummer, Mad Professor, Ari Up (ex-Slits), Luna, Firewater, Clinic, Richard Stallman (talking about free software !), and the Box Tops.

Yes, those Box Tops.I don't know if it's the posterization in the video, but Alex Chilton looks a hell of a lot better in 2001 than he did when I saw him at the Rat in 1986. This particular performance of “The Letter” was taken at the WTC Plaza (note the thanks to the Port Authority).

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