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Hours Of Boredom, Punctuated By Moments Of Terror

Well, OK, it's not that bad, but things have just been a bit… quiet. Work is OK, but there are annoying bugs and various other things that have made progress on my project just a bit like wading through molasses (uphill. in concrete shoes. you get the idea). It's even more annoying than usual because the end is in sight; let's just get it over with, shall we ? On the home front, S1 has a mild cold again, with the corresponding increase of being easier to upset, poor dear. Things seem to be pretty quiet online, even — here we are now, entertain us !

But I will be heading Out There tomorrow ! I was going to see I Am Trying To Break Your Heart at the local cinema, but S has invited me see Bright Eyes at the Roxy (along with D) and how could I resist the charming company and chance to see Conor Oberst and company ? Well, I couldn't ! I'll catch the Wilco on Thursday night instead.

Anyway, this is a nice turn of events.

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