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It's Shao-Lin if you're down with the Wu-Tang Clan...

But it's Staten Island to the rest of us. We went down to NJ this weekend, and took a little trip to Staten Island on Saturday. First, we went to the zoo, which the kids loved. It's pretty small, but they have a great bird/reptile house and kid-friendly exhibits. Then, we went looking for lunch, which as first was kind of a drag, so there appeared to be to nothing but delis on our route from the zoo to the waterfront. However, there was a festival going on there, so there were some good things to choose from. Then we took a round-trip ride on the ferry to Manhattan — it was cool to see the city, Brooklyn Bridge, and Statue of Liberty in one big panorama. Now if only I could spend some time in the city itself... it's been too long !
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