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Imagine My Surprise

…when I opened up the latest issue of The Noise and saw a picture rather similar to this one at the bottom of page 2. Say, did I not attend that very show ? So I was little miffed that they didn't even ask for permission (which they could have figured out from either the post I put up on their Project Eno board or the URL), but I decided I might be able to parlay this into free admission (plus one) to the Noise's 21st birthday party, where Project Eno will be playing again. So I wrote a little note to T.Max. Here's hoping !
No, the incorporated version of picture is not online, after a cursory search. Update: Well, TMax said he couldn't source it, but he did offer me a free T-shirt. I think I'm gonna show up at the show to meet him, since Project Eno rocked so much last time.
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