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A fatal hiatus

So, a while ago, I picked up the new Breeders album, Title TK, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Interviews and reviews painted a rosy picture of the reunited Deal sisters, backed up by two young Turks from the LA punk scene, assisted by über-indie recorder Steve “I Am Not A Producer” Albini Unfortunately, in the middle of assembling a band and proudly doing the things the indie way, they forget to write good songs with hooks. It's still recognizably the Breeders and all, but after quite a few listens it was still pretty hard for me to hold onto anything in the songs, and most of the tempos are annoyingly plodding. Fine, don't use the newest digital tricks to edit the drummer into a rhythm machine, but at least put some pep into it, boys and girls ! It's definitely a bad sign when:
  • When the CD repeats in the car player, you can't tell that it happened because the first song sounds just like the last one.
  • The new stuff only reminds you of how great the old stuff is.
Oh well.

I've got one Breeders recording which was vinyl-only, at least at the time of its release — the Head to Toe EP, so I digitized that just before I left for vacation. It was the last thing they released before Title TK, and the difference in feel is dramatic. (But not songwriting, this is just four covers.) “Saints,” with its refrain of “summer is ready when you are,” is a great meeting of sunny pop and punk attitude, and their version of Guided By Voices' “Shocker In Gloomtown” is a great compressed pop gem with manic backing and some of the thickest bass sound I've heard outside dance music and reggae. It's got all the fun and distinctive yet inviting attitude that Title TK sorely lacks.

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