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Happy Birthday To O

O and I had an especially yummy dinner on her birthday, at Carambola. We started off with two "lime light" martinis, which, as the name suggests, is strong on lime flavor (and color, provided by Midori) and garnished with a lime leaf. It was nice to order a lot of things, because instead of the formal appetizer/entrée sequence, it's like having a mini-feast, which for us consisted of:
  • Kon Trey Chean — little crispy fried fish, kind of like Cambodian popcorn shrimp
  • a plate of pickled cabbage, cucumber, and other veggies
  • Somlah Machou — a soup that features a tangy broth with fried garlic. The world needs more fried garlic.
  • a scallop curry (for O)
  • Bo Bong — one of those grilled-meat-and-roll on rice vermicelli dishes, very much like what you'd find in a Vietnamese restaurant (for me)
Afterwards, we had a romantic and practical shopping session at CVS (welcome to parenthood), then we got a call from my sister because S1 was being difficult. So, after taking a quick detour through scenic Weston (where the other 0.3% lives), we headed home.
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