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'Tis not the season

Nothing like having a fever (if only a slight one) during the hottest days of the summer. So I took yesterday off, and got better enough to go into work today. (So I've haven't degenerated into Pathetically Sick Big Guy mode.) So I've lurking a bit here. O is in about the same state I am, S1 still shows a few symptoms, but for some reason S0 hasn't caught this thing at all. (Must be all that time he spent at day care.)

Tonight, we had takeout from a new Thai restaurant, Thai Moon (across from the library). The food was very good, very fresh with vivid flavors (especially basil), and their “hot” rating really does mean hot. As I arrived to pick up the order, there was a customer at the counter. I overhead her saying something like “Well, that's if you were ordering [speaking to the cashier], but I'm ordering.” It was pretty obvious that she didn't know the first thing about Thai food, but could not for the life of her graciously accept any kind of help or recommendation, so I waved to the cashier and finally picked up the order. On the way out, the clueless woman kept on with this fruitless interaction: “But what do you have that is good ?…”

I think I would have recommended the hottest dish on the menu to her, and remind her to not to forget to eat the little red fruit-like things because they're really good !

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