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Beware the Small Digital Things

Aren't those little digital gizmos great ? Now I can carry my schedule, contacts, still camera, MP3/CD player, and, should I choose, computer pretty much anywhere, and it doesn't weigh me down at all. In particular, my digital camera is just about half the size of a paperback book and fits in a pocket pretty easily. Unfortunately, that can be a problem at times. Apparently it fell out of a bag as K was trundling the kids around a park last week. So it wasn't at the house when we were about to leave for NJ last Thursday, and we were a bit freaked out. K checked her car and the places she said it might have been and it wasn't there.

I am used to losing things, and so I went over in mind all the places I could have left it. S0 has a very good memory but of course under questioning kids will make up all kids of stories to be helpful. So for the past few days I've been beating myself up over my uncanny ability to lose things (although, truth be told, I've got a much improved record in this department).

Today did not seem to bring much help, but while ritualistically looking at the same old places after I got home from work, there was the long (well, five days) lost camera on the counter ! Turns out that it fell out of a bag that K took along with the kids, and luckily a friend at the park spotted it in time to retrieve it. Eventually people put 2 + 2 together and it was returned. Whew !

Still, I think the trend of miniaturization increases the potential for loss — PDAs and mobile phones with valuable contacts, music players with days worth of music, priceless memories in cameras, all of these things now in a handheld size and likely to get smaller as progress marches on. So for Pete's sake, keep an eye on your stuff !

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