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Well, I'm back in New Jersey again ! Last week, it was to visit my father-in-law, who just came out of heart surgery. By Wednesday he was home, and now his four week recovery begins. The ironic thing is that he can eat anything he wants in that period, and only after then does he need to start watching the fat, salt, etc. That's just ...odd. He won't be able to drive, so I hope he doesn't go stir crazy, and I suggested getting a subscription to NetFlix, but he says he doesn't like the selection. Go figure.

This week (after driving down last night), we're here for O's friend's wedding, which is on Saturday. Today, O and I did a little shopping at Syms, “Where an educated consumer is our best customer.” I haven't had to look this presentable for a while so I picked up a nice sport jacket by Geoffrey Beene.

Tonight was the rehearsal, and, more importantly, the rehearsal dinner, which was at this amazing Chinese buffet restaurant, which we've been to before. It looked like O's friend B, which can remain thin while eating enormous quantities of food at one sitting, had finally met her match. (Or did she ? I think she has multiple stomachs.) Sebastian and some other kids were running around, and he kept running away whenever this little girl was trying to talk him. Eventually they all were playing with tops and game called pass the buck, so all was right with the world. (HABA makes some pretty cool stuff !)

Near the end of the dinner, the area got some really intense thunderstorms. The parking lot was in danger of turning into a small lake, and the lightning (lots of cloud-to-cloud strikes) was striking pretty consistently for about thirty minutes. As we drove home on Route 1 a lot of traffic lights were flashing. And the house lost cable TV ! (Don't fear, it's back now...)

So tomorrow is the wedding itself, which should be cool if we can last through ceremony. Rehearsal went way over because of all the little traditional things that weren't scheduled in beforehand, and then there's going to be a Mass too. But the families involved seemed pretty cool, and hey, there's an open bar...

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