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On the way to work today, I passed by two buildings that have under construction for a long time.

First, there's a new hotel going up at the intersection of the Alewife Brook Parkway and Mass. Ave in Arlington, just across the street from Cambridge. Like a lot of buildings, it looked more interesting when it was being built, a large wooden frame structure that you could see through, than when it's near completion. It's done in a conservative and somewhat clumsy alternation of wood siding and brick exterior. I'm not exactly expect a Frank Gehry creation but this is just boring.

Second, there's some generic office/lab building set back two blocks from Binney St., near Biogen in Kendall Square, which looks like a dowdier copy of the same building that the MIT Bursar's office is in. It's brick (when it doubt in Cambridge, use brick) which some stone accents. The brick is uneven, but I think is supposed to give it some kind of pre-modern appearance, but instead it just looks fussy, or even prematurely aged. While many of the recent building in the area are going for more of an industrial IKEA-on-the-outside look which is not exactly innovative either, I find that style to be a lot more honest about what's going on inside.

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