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Odds and Ends

You shoulda been there.

Why is that I get so anxious when buying odd-denomination stamps at the post office ?

Cool remainders at the Harvard Book Store:

  • THE ONION'S FINEST NEWS REPORTING, vol. one: The Onion is the world's most popular humor periodical. Following their best-selling OUR DUMB CENTURY, The Onion returns with Volume One of the paper's greatest, most hard-hitting stories, including:
    • Jesus Christ Returns to NBA
    • Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeroes
    • I Can't Stand My Filthy Hippy Owner by Thunder the Ferret
    This oversized paperback published by Three Rivers Press (Random House) has a suggested retail price of $16.00. The HBS price is $7.99. HBS link.
  • COD: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World by Mark Kurlansky: "This eminently readable book is a new tool for scanning world history. It leads to a vastly different perception of why folks did what they did.... COD: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World is history filtered through the gills of the fish trade." --The New York Times Book Review.

    This paperback published by Penguin carries a suggested retail price of $11.95. The HBS price is $5.99. HBS link.

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