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Now it begins

Well, I knew it was going to be a hot one today when the house already felt stuffy at eight in the morning. So I finally installed the air conditioner in the bedroom. The nice thing is that now we can use a computer there (iBook via Airport) or down here in the underground lair, both cool places.

We live near Reed's Brook, and this whole area is prone to flooding, and I am so glad that the much-anticipated remediation project is finally showing signs of progress -- the main benefits are a new recreational area along Summer Street (route 2A) near the Lexington border (sadly, no good web references that I can find), and the enhancement of the local storm drain system. For example, Reed's Brook (which is actually just a trickle in the summer) flows into a culvert just across from us, then through pipes out to a wetland. Well, the wetland is still going to be there, but the actual culvert route will be changed to go down our street a bit, then into a much larger holding pond that will be able handle all the runoff from the hills during very heavy rainstorms. There is also the project of replacing an old storm drain pipe that begins around the corner from us, and that means they'll be digging in our backyard pretty soon. I always wondered why there was an easement in the middle of our backyard ! Luckily we don't have to move anything of value out of the way.

And while the main project is going on, Arlington has also been replacing water pipes in various places around town, including the other end of our street. And, while everything is being dug up, Boston Gas (err. excuse me, Keyspan) is moving their pipes around too; in fact, this actually has to be done before the new storm drain system is updated at our own end of the street. (We might also get a natural gas tap while we're at it, and get at least part of the house on gas heat.) So now we're finally being treated to the sights and sounds of heavy equipment right in front of our driveway ! Yay !
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