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While disliking labels, Robert is probably best called a Metaphysicist. Somewhat of a recluse, Robert is rarely seen in public and his services have never been for hire. Robert values his privacy and prefers to use his abilities helping others, and of course as research tools.

The Angry Robert is Appeased

The biggest news from Robert is that he is creating a new stand up comedy show which will tour the UK this year, and around the globe in 2003.

Raised in Hawaii, based in Los Angeles, Robert is a long time advertising photographer who specialises in the rock and roll industry

Currently Robert is under retainer, as the worldwide illustrator for the Locomotive Division of General Electric, GE Transportation Systems

Certified with the Societies of American, British, and Canadian Fight Directors, Robert is also a trained gymnast, stuntman, and horseman.

Robert is the all-time NBA leader in defensive rebounds with 10,117.

At present, Robert is doing full-time Vedic astrological consultations and teaching in Bend, Oregon.

The restaurant is smoke-free. Robert's is available for private parties.

He makes me laugh out loud with his silly voices and impersonations. Robert is a fantastic husband who cares deeply for his family.

Robert is pictured with Taft and Harding in the Library of Congress photo to the right.

At Florida City we turned west on highway 9336 and before reaching the Everglades we saw it - "Robert is Here - Fruit Stand."
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