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The Ultimate 80s Retro Video ?

Normally, when a pop era is exhumed, the gravediggers tend to exaggerate its defining characteristics; thus, you would be led to beleive that everybody under the age of 24 in 1969 looked like a hippie, or that (as in The Wedding Singer) it was perfectly normal for grown men to wear Michael Jackson-style jackets in 1983, when in fact, it was only a small minority that was actually “with it.” However, a few hours ago I saw a video on VH-1 Classic that not only captured the early synthpop era, but trumped all its latter-day imitators in its use of the signifiers of that halycon age. It's for a song called “Einstein A Go-Go” by Landscape. And no, that album title is not a joke (at least on a certain level). The song features yelping vocals, early Fairlight (digital synth/sampler) percussion, and the all-important background sense of nuclear dread (the essential ingredient often missed by today's young'uns), while the visual elements include bad hair, vixens of various styles, a mad-scientist lab set, strange, blocky geometric cut-out musical instruments, and another flimsy set that looks like the colorized version of warped painted sets used in M. I just could notbeleive my own ears and eyeballs.

As you may well expect, somebody in Japan remembers them.

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