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There's a great column by Alex Beam in today's Boston Globe called "The Day Nothing Changed," which argues that America's love for convenience and cheapness will quickly render beefed-up security at airports and other places unpopular. (What was the title of the Dead Kennedys album ? Give me convenience or give me death.) I think he might have gone a little too far when he asks if Americans will give up driving or convenient flights -- well, gosh, the last time I went to Europe, which has been coping with this stuff for ages, there were planes in the sky and cars on the roads. But this is a great piece of contrarian writing that reminds us that we are our own worst enemy.

There's also a great column on the op-ed page by Lawrence Kolb arguing against retaliation -- even now, as it seems like we're going to bomb Afghanistan tomorrow, this kind of measured thought it is we need to listen to. The US has to show strength, resolve, and a respect for international institutions which, quite frankly, the Bush Administration sorely needs to practice. I disagree with self-flagellation -- not the mere facts of the past, but their relevance to what happens next is what counts. But how can the US garner support for true worldwide containment of terrorism when we put roadblocks in the way of something as basic as an international criminal court ?

Too bad I can't give links to these columns, because seems to have lost its marbles -- only the front page of the Globe section seems to work.
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