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Dad's Day Weekend

We had a pretty quiet weekend; the rainy weather doesn't exactly make us want to do a lot off stuff.

On Saturday, we went to the party store and got stuff for S0's birthday party, which is going to have a SpongeBob theme. There are a lot of cool licensed things to buy, but we restrained ourselves; one thing O did to save money was to track down SpongeBob artwork on the net, print it out, and attach to the party favor bags for the kids ! We also went to the Super 88 Asian market (man, what a suprisingly “designer-y” site that is) near the South Bay Center in Dorchester, which has good prices on fuzzy logic rice cookers and over a dozen different kinds of Pocky. I think next time we'll try the Allson location, since even Sunday traffic on the expressway is awful these days. Super88 is one of the biggest Asian markets we've been to and it's a lot more like the normal supermarket than the ones in Chinatown, but there is still enough going on to give a that “happening&rdquo flavor that so many retail establishments have to go out of their way to establish (or simulate).

That night I watched The Discreet Charm of the the Bourgeoisie, which was definitely a fun movie. The idea is that there are these socialites who are thwarted every time they get together to eat, with the surrealism of the incidents increasing as the film goes on.

Another DVD we watched part of that day was Powerpuff Girls: Meet the Beat-Alls, whose title epside is probably the most clever one I've ever seen. Arch-enemy Mojo Jojo and three other villians band together and discover they can finally beat the girls when they combine their efforts, and then the rest of the episode is packed with Beatles references, complete dialogue taken from song titles and a pastiche of Beatlesque music on the soundtrack. Sgt. Pepper and the Yellow Submarine versions of the Fab Four also have cameos. The professor decides that the best way to get back at the Beat-Alls is to break them up, so he sends in another monkey, Mojo Jono, to beguile Mojo Jojo with her avant-garde ideas. And, of course, this tactic works. Pretty funny !

On Sunday, we went over my sister's for Father's Day and had a nice relaxed time. (As a Dad meself, I got a Homer Simpson-shaped soap-on-a-rope set and two chocolate cigar's from Burdick's.) O's snicker pie went over very well.

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