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Seconds of Pleasure

It took a while, but I got to shake Elvis Costello's hand, and get my copy of When I Was Cruel signed. I got there at 5:15 and the line was already nearly out the door of the Garage. And then the line proceeded to move about two meter by seven o'clock — first I think he was a little late, and there were a lot of people up front, and then he was being his gracious self having his picture taken and signing multiple items. But then they decided he had to be more efficient and the policy became strictly one item per person, and no pictures. (But I did manage to sneak on and get the picture on the left by holding up my camera and aiming from the LED viewfinder.)

Around seven, in the pit of my despair of ever getting into the store, all of the sudden the line lurched forward. Twice and I was in ! He shook my hand, and I wished his hands well after signing all the stuff. I also told him my brother bumped into him about three years in Heathrow. Such was our brief encounter.

I stuck around for a little while, since the line was actually pretty short behind me. Although he had only a few minutes (how did he ever get to the FleetPavillion in time ?), he relaxed again, and graciously let a few more people take posed pictures, even after he got up (and scoped out the new releases, it looked like to me). What a guy ! The MAN, in fact.

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