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Bands in Town

An idiosyncratic list (not that I'll see most of those, but...):
  • 14 June (tonight): Tanya Donnelly and Bill Janowitz at 608 (Amnesty International benefit). Reverse at TT's (they sound interesting). And El-vis !
  • 15 June: Marshall Crenshaw at Johnny D's.
  • 16 June: Thalia Zedek at the Middle East.
  • 17 June: Trans Am and Adult at the Middle East.
  • 19 June: They Might Be Giants performing songs from No ! at the Borders in the CambridgeSide Galleria.
  • 20 June: Bleu at the Paradise.
  • 22 June: Lyres at 608.
  • 25 June: Clinic at the Middle East.
  • 10 July: Mr. Lif and Aesop Rock at Axis. Link Wray (wow !) at the Middle East.
  • 11 July: Southern Culture On the Skids at the Middle East.
  • 12 July: Consonant and Silkworm at TT's.
  • 14 July: DJ Shadow at the Roxy.
  • 20 July: Neil Finn at the Paradise.
  • 23 July: Sloan at the Paradise.
  • 30 July: Breeders at Avalon.
  • 13 August: Sonic Youth and Bardo Pond at the Roxy.
  • 23 September: Pere Ubu at the Middle East.
In other inexplicable music news, Oasis still exists.
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