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I want a do over on this morning

  1. After getting the kids ready and checking my email, I decide to take the bus in. It's a beautiful morning and the neighborhood is absolutely quiet.
  2. Get to the bus stop and notice that I forgot my building and T-passes. (They were in my jacket, which I don't need now.) Go back home.
  3. OK, I need to pick up some things at Home Depot anyway, so let's drive in. On the way, I remember I also could have taken along clothes to donate, but no matter.
  4. Locate the stuff I need in the maw of the store, but then wait ages to get a piece of wood cut. Home Depot is suprisingly busy on a Monday morning.
  5. Check out, reach for my car keys. They aren't there. Retrace my steps, but luckily somebody already returned them to customer service. Phew !
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