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So somebody on the Ann Magnuson mailing list over at Yahoo! asked if anybody remembers Pulsallama, a downtown NYC band that Ann was in in the early 80s. The moderator came up with some pretty good links in response:
  • The East Village Sound Gallery, which also talks about French Twist, who I saw at the last Wigstock that took place in Tompkins Square Park. It looks like the download links were never actually made to point to anything, though.
  • There are some downloadables here but the sound quality is disappointing, and where is “The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body ?”
  • For a different point of view, Jean Caffeine's Ancient History page.
If you're interested, I can make the Devil Lives In My Husband's Body/Ungawa single available, but I need to check with the AnnWatch mailing list moderator first.
Tags: ann magnuson, nyc, postpunk
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