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Back when I thought such things mattered deeply, I used to tape videos I liked off MTV's 120 Minutes. Well, I wanted to see the video for “Only Shallow” by My Bloody Valentine, a song which still gives me goosebumps. Much to my surprise, the ten-year-old VHS tape was still in excellent shape, although it fast-forwarded a little more slowly than a new tape, which made me a little nervous. It's not really that amazing a video; the drummer stands out the most, with his Spaceman 3 t-shirt and eyes as wide as saucers. (Well, hey, it was 1992 and E was in the air...)

Meanwhile, O cleared out two more moving boxes today, and handed me a ticket stub to an August 1997 show with Combustible Edison and the Future Bible Heroes. This was a benefit for the Photographic Resource Center and was sponsored by WFNX. This was a pretty cool show, as I remember; it took place in an old synagogue on Comm. Ave. But I just can't imagine the current WFNX sponsoring a show like this now !

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