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Back on the bus

Now that I'm not driving into work any more, I've had time to catch up with my Atlantic Monthly subscription. I was so far behind that only now I am catching up with the end of last year. Because of magazine lead times, December 2001 is first post-9/11 issue of the magazine, so it will be interesting to see how the intensity of that period compares with our current concern with the fallout of that attack; it seems that we are distracted again and public discussion of what is to be done surfaces only in fits and starts. For example, a history what was going on inside the FBI and CIA is only becoming apparent now.

On a lighter note, there's a good article on digital photography which, admirably like other Atlantic articles on the technology, is both technically accurate and takes the time to discusss the way the stuff is actually used and fits in our day-to-day lives. Near the end of the article, Marshall Jon Fisher observes:

The digital photographer finds himself trying to turn every vista, every Wiffle ball swing, into pixels. Hordes of photo and video files invade my hard drive each month, demanding cropping, filing, printing. I sometimes wonder if we human beings are evolving into bipedal electronic circuitry whose function is to record our entire, if ever less fulfilling, lives. But when I see my little boy grinning out at me from my monitor, digital cameras seem less doomful.
As a geek dad who can't resist logging all kinds of events with all kids of toys, I can relate ! And Fisher presciently uses one of my apropos words of the last few weeks, bipedal.
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