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Productive weekend

  • Mowed the lawn before it turned into a meadow. Actually, I wouldn't mind that, but there are others.
  • Finally got an iron. I think we agonized over the purchase of this more than I did for the digital camera.
  • Finally made blasted shelves for the blasted closet, which in turn enabled O to take one more moving box out of commission. At this rate all moving boxes will be off the first floor by 2005 (we moved in December 2001).
  • Also picked up a pair of SpongeBob boxers at Target. I especially like how Plankton is caught in one of the bubbles. (For more, see this page.)
Can nothing stop this juggernaut of productivity ? (No retorts from the peanut gallery !)
Tags: productivity, shop, spongebob, underwear
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