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Honey I'm Home !

So I was digging around in my pockets for my keys to the front door, and, um, came up short. Now that I don't drive to work (usually), I only need my keys for getting back in the house. It's a good thing the rest of the fam was already there...

In the back yard, I noticed that the a pair of Baltimore Orioles keep hanging around our yard, although they do also fly to other neighboring yards as well. Well, today I noticed that they've built a nest in the big tree in our backyard. Because orioles camouflage them well and build them high up, I wasn't really sure if it was a nest or not -- more like a slightly darker blob of green in the tree. But as I was watching the kids and stealing a glance up every so often, I noticed that the branch it was one bounced a little while, a good while after the male left; it must be have been the female either tending -- or incubating, though with the cold weather we've been having lately, it must be a touch job if in fact she has already laid the eggs. I just hope that the brood is well along before the Arlington Sewer Dept. comes through our backyard and replaces the sewer line which runs right under where the nest is. Somehow I'm betting on the birds to beat this oft-delayed project !
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