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The weariness

Man, this was a bad day. (And yet the weather here was perfect.) I tried to concentrate on work to get my mind off it but it was just too big. The only thing that helped was the fact that access to many Net news sites was pretty slow. The fact is that we'll be piecing together what happened today for a long time. And who knows what will happen tomorrow ?

Just some random observations:

  • Does anybody really take the Taliban's denials seriously ? If Bin Laden was behind it, they are doomed at least by implication, if we are to take tonight's Presidential address at face value. The real problem is what happens if the old standy of sanctions and bombing doesn't work, because then Bush is going to have to commit more armed forces personnel to make something happen.
  • I picked up Sebastian at day care just a little later than the usual time but there was hardly anybody there. And traffic on the way back to Arlington was very light.
  • It's a good thing Sophie is so young, and Sebastian doesn't have to know what happen. This is going to be in the history books. Hopefully, the succeeding chapters aren't going to chronicle America's devolution into a police state or a painful, vengeful conflict between the modern economic world and something like a Jihad.
  • Our Manhattan friends are OK.
  • We just saw the World Trade Center on Sunday as we drove past NYC on the New Jersey Turnpike. It's an awful void now...
  • I used to work at a company with a development center in Amman, Jordan, and with quite a few Jordanians in the Boston office. The company is now a shell of its former self, but still I wonder what was going on in the offices today.
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