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Elvis Has Some Pithy Things To Say

In this month's Tower Pulse!:
I don't like rock. It's all square. It doesn't swing. I listen a lot to the sonics of modern r&b -- and occasionally the melodies, particularly on the pop end. People go on about, "Oh they don't write songs like in the old Motown days." But I think "Say My Name" is as good as any song that Holland/Dozier/Holland wrote.
The new album does sound something like a "new wave" Costello album, but -- after listening to it just once so far -- it's interesting because it sounds at once rawer than any of the old stuff, yet there is also some digital treatment going on in there. One of the songs has neat dub touches, and the bass and guitar are way up in the mix. Not bad for a 46-year-old former enfant terrible.
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