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Service with a smile at the Kendall Square Coop

A while ago, I had my eye on a copy of IBM's ViaVoice (a speech recognition software product) that was sitting downstairs in the Coop's bargain bin; it was only $35 (or so said the price tag) and I could upgrade it to the Mac OS X version for less than buying it anywhere else new.

Yesterday I finally tried to buy it. Bad idea. As I entered the store, I noticed a sign that said "Check out our bargain bins downstairs." So I fetched the package, but when the cashier looked at the price tag, she thought it was too low (suddenly the expert, eh ?), and made a call back downstairs. It was "really" $100, after all. Well, I'm not buying it for that much. A pox on the Coop. Isn't there some law about price labelling in Massachusetts that applies here ? Well, they definitely ignored a few rules about customer treatment !

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