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Things can change in just a few hours

I left the house to go to Doug's *@#?tail party around 8:15 AM, and by the time I got back at 1:15 PM, the lights were on. Hmm.

O noticed Sophie's temperature was up (100.4 axillary), and she had been sleeping a lot since the afternoon, though she was eating pretty well. So the doctor said to bring her into Children's Hospital, because they don't like to take chances with high fever in an infant that young (six weeks). We woke up Sebastian (who somehow didn't mind getting woke up), got to Children's, and then alternating between waiting (mostly) and seeing medical personnel.

Frankly, I was expecting that we'd be out of there fairly quickly, because Sebastian had had a short fever on Tuesday going into Wednesday, so Sophie has most likely picked that up (he stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday, so there plenty of opportunity for transmission). But unless the test results could dismiss the possibility of something serious, Sophie (and Olivia) would have to stay in the hospital.

As it turned out, by 6 they couldn't get a good clear sample of Sophie's spinal fluid (yes, a spinal tap), so they couldn't tell right away if spinal meningitis was out of the question. They got enough to make a culture that would tell the tale in 24 hours, but still Sophie and Olivia would have to stay.

So at the earliest, they'll be at Children's until Sunday morning, and it's just the guys (Sebastian and me) on our own until hopefully everything turns out all right. Olivia must be pretty tired and I know I am -- I think I finally got to sleep at 6:30 or so, so I think that's a recent record for being up (22.5 hours). We'll visit this afternoon, and try to get enough things to Olivia that she pass the time more presently and change into other clothes.

What would be great is if thing clear up before my mother's 60th birthday party. Here's hoping...



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Sep. 4th, 2001 09:16 am (UTC)
A spinal tap for a 100.4 fever!?!? Wow, I would have been out of spinal fluid when I was a baby -- I routinely had fevers of 104. Perhaps that explains all the brain damage....

I hope Sophie is fine and that you all get some sleep.
Sep. 4th, 2001 09:53 am (UTC)
Re: OK now
Sophie's fever went away on Saturday afternoon, but they held her until Sunday at 4, giving her a shot of antibiotics before she left, just in case. I was wrong about the required interval for the meningitis test -- it was 48 hours, not 24, but since we didn't hear from the hospital, I guess it came out negative.

We still managed to get down to my mother's on Monday so the weekend wasn't all bad. It was Sophie's first time at the beach (slept through most of it, of course).

A 100.2 axillary temperature does imply something hotter internally, like 102, which is pretty high for a six-week-old. The other thing that has changed since we were kids, though, is that the medical establishment is a lot more conservative when it comes to things like this -- we have more resources at our disposal now (and guess why medical insurance is so expensive...), and of course there is the threat of malpractice suits. I want the best care for Sophie, but perhaps we are somewhere close to the law of diminishing returns when (1) you perform a spinal tap on an infant and (2) you keep said infant in a hospital for more than two days, where she can pick up other diseases.
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