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Brain in the Wire

If you're into the more interesting ends of techno, ambient, or indie, I suggest you track down this compilation, which has three discs and these extra goodies in a tin:
  • a booklet of pictures (one page for each artist)
  • a fold-out miniposter of the artists, a la Sgt. Pepper
  • a keychain
  • a Q-tip
  • a little denim patch
Some of the artists whose names you might recognize: Legendary Pink Dots, Greater Than One, Panacea, Windy & Carl, Little Annie, Current 93, Matmos, Meat Beat Manifesto, Tino Corp., Stars of the Lid, and Diamanda Galas. I haven't popped in disc X yet so I don't know who's on that, though it should be interesting.

Apparently you cannot get it directly from brainwashed any more, but it should be available through places that deal with the usual indie distrbutors like Forced Exposure. I, on the other hand, was fortunate enough to preorder, and the man behind Brainwashed delivered it personally to my door, since he lives in Arlington too. And last night I went to meet him in person (what a concept) at River Gods, a pub just outside Central Square in Cambridge. is a labor of love, and one thing I find very cool about it is that the selection of hosted artists and labels, including Luke Vibert, Wire, the Kranky label, and Isotope 217, is more a reflection of strong personal taste and vision rather than a particular sound or attitude. I approve !

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