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So, we were watching this commercial for Johnny Depp's new high-end supermarket, but we weren't watching it on TV, we are actually there, witnessing it in person, in some kind of circle-shaped Crystal Palace-inspired emporium. And yet the costumes kept changing as my attention shifted from one group of performers to another. Many of these costumes seemed to be inspired by the look of the upcoming Dark Shadows movie, so, kudos to your marketing department, Warner Brothers, for you have invaded my subconscious.

Mr. Depp himself participated, and his waist was waspishly thin, which kind of freaked me out a little, and some of the grins of the supporting performers appeared to be painted on in a Guy Fawkes/Anonymous way, although they all seemed to be having fun, so no harm done, I suppose.

The song for the commercial started out in English, but also wandered into French and German. Most likely they were singing about meat in German.

The performing ensemble made their way out into the surrounding grounds, and we followed them, carried along in rustic farm carts, to who knows where.
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