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This crazy thing

OK, I'm doing my first post from the MacOS X LiveJournal client . One small step for me, one slightly-larger step for web-enabled narcissism.

Driving home this evening, once I crossed the Alewife Brook Parkway, I noticed the power had gone out in Arlington, even though it was still on in North Cambridge. Traffic was relatively non-crazy, and there seemed to be more people on the sidewalk than usual. A small group of disappointed moviegoers hung out on in front of the Capitol Theater, while there were emergency vehicles in front of a tall apartment building across the street. (Maybe somebody was stuck in an elevator.) The outage became less benign as traffic snarled at Mass Ave. and Pleasant St. (MA-60) -- since it looked pretty bad, I hung a right to get onto Summer St., and there was no power along that drive either. Except, for oddly enough, one lone flashing traffic light near the athletic field and the Summer St. Dairy. But our neighborhood was lucky and O told me that the power was reset about twenty minute earlier.

There was also a localized power outage around the Stop and Shop on Monday evening, just as O and I went shopping there. But they've got their priorities straight -- they've got generators for refrigeration, skeletal lighting, and of course, the cash registers. OK, so it's kind of cool and mildly post-apocalyptic to shop for produce in semi-darkness, but this neo-California lifestyle could become a drag...

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