Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
Daddy-O à Go-Go

iPad Chatter

It's pretty reasonably priced, and I think Apple came up with something that does what people usually do with laptops and netbooks, and does it very well. My son has a netbook that is great if you're the size of a kid, but utterly cramped if you're an adult.

For family use, it'll be a little awkward since it doesn't seem to have user accounts like a typical PC operating system. That will probably get fixed in the next year. For now, it's a truly personal computer.

Another cool thing is that the data plan has no contract, and the iPad is unlocked with respect to mobile data providers. But I would not expect this to work on Verizon until they roll out 4G (unless the Verizon's 4G implementation supports any of the AT&T 3G bands, which I doubt).

The Brushes painting app looked really cool, and is exactly the kind of “authoring” to which a tablet computer is suited.

No camera ? Really ? Kind of disappointing.

I'd like to see the Netflix streaming viewer on the iPad.

Are iBooks a new format ? The Kindle app will already work on the iPad – will Amazon make it iPad-savvy ?

The iPad still needs to be tethered to iTunes for a lot of functionality. In the long term, Apple is going to have to have to make MobileMe a more useful conduit for all kinds of data that its customers might first acquire or produce on other devices (like personal computers). This is both an opportunity and a risk, because Google is further down the same path.

From a world domination point of view, Apple must be scaring the crap out of its competitors. Amazon already saw it coming and opened up the Kindle just a few days ago. Part of the reasonable price and performance stems from the fact that they've got their own chip design/fab center now (PA Semi) – that's something you can't just incrementally implement (and with $25+ billion of cash, Apple can buy itself a lot of infrastructure). All your iPhone apps will work on it. Nearly anybody with an iPhone or iPod has an iTunes Store account and thus is ready to spend even more money on content for it. And it will get cheaper and better.
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