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Boy with a problem

But first, a geek link courtesy of MLY and JWZ. If you went to the Children's Museum in Boston the 70s when it was on the Jamaicaway, you might remember the calculators that used Nixie displays. I thought they were the coolest thing.

Normally my taste in music is dictated by the sound and music of music, not the words, but Elvis Costello used to be the man for me back in my larval stage, and there's just not much new stuff that scratches the same itch that he did. He annoyed rock purists by being too clever, wordy, and facile at assimilating his record collection, but for about twelve years or so he produced a lot of stuff that I think is just great. And about those words. It's not that I would say he's on the level of Dylan/Cohen/Reed and the like, I just like they way they splatter against the wall or paint suggestions (at their best). In some ways, it's a lot like the way I appreciate rap -- I am not listening for words that are going to look meaningful on the printed page, or even when read as poetry (ugh*), but for words that work as music in the context of the song.

Anyway, next up is This Year's Model for some finely polished vitriol. Even the Beastie Boys could barely keep up with a man at least ten years their senior when they backed Elvis up on Radio Radio on Saturday Night Live a few years ago.

* I'm not dissing poetry, just lyricists who aspire to it when writing songs. They're not the same thing, bunko (although I'd allow that they can be, sometimes).

[Hey, this gives me an idea: a "fake" LiveJournal, written in the style of David Foster Wallace, which would be the first one to use footnotes extensively. The problem, in the absence of the genuine author, is to find a writer, or, more likely, team of them, that would be able to generate the convicing amount, and sweep of verbiage.]
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