Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
Daddy-O à Go-Go

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That Was the Day That Was

  • Lunch outside at Taquiera Mexico in Waltham.
  • Dropped off S1 at my sister's in Natick (for summer shopping and an overnight stay).
  • Quick trip to Sherwood Plaza: shoes for O and S0, a Tinted Windows CD for my brother, two for me (Grizzly Bear, Iron and Wine, $8 each, and Ugly Things #8).
  • Star Trek at the AMC on Flutie Pass – pretty darned good, a summer blockbuster that still leaves you feeling like a human being at the end of the experience.
  • A little more summer shopping (table tiki torch for 62¢ !) at Target.
  • Then into deepest Allston for a dim sum dinner at Gitlo's.
  • Finally, home.
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