Daddy-O à Go-Go (rpkrajewski) wrote,
Daddy-O à Go-Go

Last Day Of Brainwaves 2008

Pretty good turnout today, for what is a showcase for the Kranky label's fifteenth anniversary. Expect a lot of drones, looped guitars, and indistinct vocals. It's also a bit strange that there are no Apple laptops onstage, because there were plenty on the previous two days.

Yesterday's best moment for me was during the first song of the Major Stars' set, in which the stops for blocks of feedback became the point of the arrangement, instead of the punctuation It was cooly ridiculous and/or ridiculously cool. I was also taken with the new Threshold House Boys Choir music from Peter Christopherson. Strangely emotionally engaging, not at all in form like Little Annie's preceding cabaret set, yet just as hopeful in outlook. (Obligatory music tech note: he used an iPod Touch with two applications, Bloom from Opal, Eno's company, and another callled Synth Garden (??).)

And it was also the first time I saw someone shatter glass with a mini blowtorch as part of a musical performance !


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