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Patience unrewarded

You know, I tried to be good… I used to re-buy a lot of music that I had on LP, on CD, then I stopped doing that, unless there was some really compelling reason. Well, I thought I'd get the first two New Order LPs, which just came out in special editions – which, for New Order, actually makes a lot of sense, since the tracks on the 2nd CDs are from their singles and EPs, which didn't appear on their albums and are pretty great in their own right. These aren't collector-interest-only outtakes or the like.

Well, I bought too soon. Fans have noticed audio problems and even Peter Hook as apologized for the shoddy work. Really, you'd expect better from Rhino – it sounds like either they didn't go back to the original analog stereo masters, nor did those doing the work listen closely to what the remastering software was doing to the music. (Well, OK, Rhino is more of a brand of the enormous WEA company than a small reissue label now, but Warners knows that record-buyers still think the name counts for something, and they still do a great job most of the time.) The band wasn't really involved and it shows.

My advice:
  • If want to buy them and you haven't, don't.
  • If you can return them, do so.
  • Otherwise, stay tuned; you might be able to exchange the discs later.
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