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It's been a long time since I left you

Well, it's been a long time since my last entry. A combination of actual Real Life events and sickness has kept me from writing.

So, last weekend, bopped down to my in-law's in NJ, and see F., my brother-in-law who now lives in Denver. On Sunday, a bunch of the clan went to this big Chinese buffet restaurant with a huge selection (including a Mongolian barbeque station). I saw one plate of vittles that looked like salt and pepper fried squid (which I really like), and it tasted very nice (like chicken -- this should have been a giveaway), but most of the pieces had these thin, small bones ! So the next time I went back, I looked at the labels more closely and realized that I had eaten frogs legs ! It was a sneaky way to try them but I am glad I did.

On Monday, we took F. back with us in the minivan we rented for the weekend. (I felt very suburban the whole time I was driving. We actually made pretty good use of it, with five adults and two kids in it.) I had a slight cold, but by Tuesday morning O and I both were having tummy trouble, but we had to (1) get the kids to school and (2) return the van. I felt like crap but had to return the van myself, so of course as I'm pulling the thing out of gas station ten minutes before I return it, I get into the little bumper-scraper accident. Ug. It was very low-impact and made me forget I was sick for about fifteen minutes, but still. Just hope the other's guy bill isn't too high (yes, I'm insured for that, but my own car is old and thus the insurance on it is cheap and cheerful).

After dropping off the car and kids and getting a ride back with F (who'd been tailing me in my car), I napped until I have lunch with my long lost friend R, who flew in on a cheap ticket from SFO unexpectedly. We had lunch at Viet's Cafe in Arlington -- Vietnamese chicken soup is always very therapeutic for me and by the end of our date I was already feeling better. I apologized to him for being out of it, then went home to recuperate more. O and F showed mercy on me and picked up the kids from day care (thank you thank you thank you).

For the rest of the week F stayed, catching up on sleep, and played with the kids, and his toys (iBook, iPod, new digital camera). My brother (who now lives in London) also unexpectedly was in town, and so all of us, including O's parents, had a jolly old time at the Summer Shack last night. I wish my brother could have stayed longer but he had to get up at 4 this morning.

Whew !
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