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Tanya Donelly

I just saw ex-Throwing Muse Tanya Donelly at Fort Apache in North Cambridge, thanks to a free ticket offer if you were among the first to buy her new album at Newbury Comics. As it was also a record release party, there was also a suprisingly nice assortment of foods to be had. This seems to be a trend; when I saw Mission of Burma, there were donuts. I am expecting sushi at the Turbines reunion gig, should it ever happen. Also like the MoB gig, there were a lot of people there who I hadn't seen in a while, and some kids. (Tanya Donelly's a mom now, too.) Fort Apache Studio might not seem like a likely place to hold a concert, but they've got a big stage room in addition to smaller recording areas. Another bonus for me is that it's very close to Arlington.

Ms. D mostly did songs from the new album of course, and the set was pretty evenly divided between heavier rockers and the floatier numbers that showcase her distinctive voice. That voice, by the way, could have been a great country music voice, I think; it just sounds so right when set against a pedal steel guitar. And that guitar was played by none other than Rich Gilbert of Human Sexual Response, Zulus, and Frank Black and the Catholics fame. And Throwing Muse Dave Narcizo was the drummer. This is not so surprising if you know (as I did not) that there's a new Throwing Muses album on the way. Near the end, when they did "Slow Dog," Tanya invited a fan up on stage to sing backup, and it was great fun.

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