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Daddy-O à Go-Go

How Stupid Do They Think We Are ?

Remember how a CNN reporter actually did her job and pressed a McCain spokesman on what kind of decisions Gov. Palin of Alaska makes about the deployment of the Alaska National Guard, and he couldn't come up with any ? The non-answer made McCain's campaign look like such fools that McCain cancelled an interview with Larry King, noted hardball interviewer and speaker of truth to power.

It's not really rocket science. Palin has no say in what happens to the Guard outside the state – no governor has that authority. And so said Major General Craig Campbell of the ANG.

And yet, a few days later, Campbell was singing Palin's praises. And, then completely coincidentally, a few days after that change of heart, he was promoted to a third star, during a freeze on promotions. Yep.

Full story at VetVoice. Background on the promotion freeze at Andrew Halcro's weblog.

[via Mudflats]
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